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Thank you, Charlie, for an amazing 7 years. I’ve learned so much, not only the notes, but the rhythms and how chords work, and most importantly, how to make a song musical.
— L.C.

The Right Tools.  The Right Tunes.

Charlie engages teens' passion for music and helps each student develop an individual approach to practice, play, and performance.  Teens with prior musical experience work with Charlie to identify their musical goals and learn how to achieve them.  Teens who are new to the piano work with Charlie as he guides them along the path towards great musicianship.

Teens who take lessons with Charlie will learn to...

  • play the piano with artistry and skill.
  • practice with passion and enthusiasm.
  • read music fluently. 
  • improvise creatively.
  • create original arrangements of music they love.
  • compose their own music and write their own songs.

Teens learn best...

  • when they're playing music they love.  Lessons with Charlie are customized to take advantage of each student's talents, tastes, and learning styles.
  • when they're challenged with new concepts.  Charlie introduces teens to a wide variety of musical experiences.
  • when they can share what they've learned.  Student recitals give teens the opportunity to to perform for an enthusiastic and supportive audience of family and friends.

Piano lessons with Charlie feature...

  • the convenience of home visits.  Teens learn best in a comfortable environment and home visits make it easy for teens to relax and focus on making music.
  • access to Improvilirium!, Charlie's unique resource for improvisation, ear training, and music theory.  Teens want to know how music works and Improvilirium! makes it happen.

Charlie's students benefit from...

  • Charlie's fluency and interest in a broad range of musical styles and genres. Teens' abilities and tastes change over time; Charlie makes sure their musical education grows along with them.
  • Charlie's skills as a songwriter and composer.  Teens are naturally expressive and creative; Charlie helps them learn how to compose their own music and write their own songs.
  • Charlie's 30 years of private lesson and classroom teaching experience. Teens flourish in a rich and responsive learning environment.  Charlie is committed to helping teens realize their full musical potential.

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We are extremely grateful for all you’ve done for our family, not only at the piano but also helping our kids become the adults they’ve become.
— C.J.

Improvisation and The Art of Play

The study of musical improvisation is a great way for teens to explore the connection between ears, fingers, practice and play.

Teens who study improvisation with Charlie will learn how to...

  • hear essential patterns and relationships in the music they love.
  • understand the structure behind the sound. 
  • improvise at the piano and experience the thrill of being able to create their own great music.

Thank you, Charlie, for bringing such wonderful music into our children’s lives! We appreciate so much your patience and creativity.
— A.P.

Improvilirium! and The Art of Listening

Improvilirium!  The Beginning Pianist's Comprehensive Guide to the Joyful Art of Improvisation is a unique resource for beginning pianists of all ages. Distilling insights and strategies from master improvisers and featuring over 300 original songs, etudes, and exercises, Improvilirium! teaches students to trust their ears, "think" with their hands, and play from the heart

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Enjoy the Convenience of Piano Lessons in Your Home

With home visits, you spend less time behind the wheel and your teen spends more time playing piano.  Because lessons take place in your home, Charlie can offer your teen observations and advice that are specific to the piano he or she plays every day.  In addition, home visits ensure weekly communication between parents and teacher and promote regular attendance and continuity of instruction.

Charlie offers, at no additional charge, home visits in Jamaica Plain, Brookline, Cambridge, and nearby communities in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  Lessons are also available at Charlie's studio in Jamaica Plain.  Home visits outside of Jamaica Plain, Brookline, and Cambridge may be subject to additional charges.

Charlie Believes...

  • that the art of play is central to the art of learning.
  • that improvisation, ear training, and music theory are core elements of a great musical education.
  • that great musicianship grows from love, patience, and perseverance..
  • that great music is defined by the authenticity and passion we bring to it.
  • that lessons taught with creativity, conviction, and a sense of humor create passionate and joyful musicians.

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